dinsdag 7 april 2009

Raptor Workshop UK

Just returned from the UK where i hosted the Raptor Workshop. We had a great time as the weather was awesome and the birds where very co-operative on both days.

First day we joined falconer Vincent Jones who has a large collection of Owls and other Raptors at his Barn Owl Centre. Vincent was very helpfull and was able to create optimal conditions for us to photograph the birds in as he is a photographer himself and thus understands what photographers want from such a day.

The second day we went over to Wales to photograph Red Kites at a conservation feeding centre. This was another day of great joy as it is a marvelous site to see 300 Red Kites (and one white leucistic Kite) flying over your head. There where also numerous Ravens and Buzzards to complete the scene.

This surely was a workshop i will host again someday soon so if any of you readers out there are interested in this Raptor Workshop i am more then willing to give you all the details and set a date.

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