donderdag 15 oktober 2009

First Frost

Some time ago i hosted the very succesfull Roe Deer workshops during their rut season. As i was working with the Roe Deer at the time i got the idea to return when the first snow or frost would appear this fall or winter. Last night the weather report gave some first nightly frost so this was the right moment.

So this morning when i arrived i went to look for the Roe Deer and after some searching i was able to find them in one of their area's. The moorland was covered in white ans there was a thick layer of fog hanging over the field wich created a wonderful atmosphere and i was glad i got out of bed at 06.30 hours.

The Roe Deer where perhaps not as cooperative as they where during the rut season but i still managed to get some decent shots and they let me get as close as 20 meters from them so my day was spent well..

Later this morning the sun started to shine and the light and atmosphere changed completely resulting in another setting and i was able to get some more shots in that light again before returning home.

Hope you have enjoyed viewing these Roe Deer images again and next week i will be off to southern France to host a week long photographic holiday and i am ofcourse looking very much forward to that event wich i will surely report more of on this weblog in a later stage.

woensdag 14 oktober 2009

Silver Y Moth Study

I have not been out much lately due to preperation of workshops and personal stuff. Today the light was stunning and i would have liked to go out but as it is "daddy-day" i was bound to our backyard. That is not a punishment as one can always find interesting subjects close to home. And so i did when i found this Siver Y Moth this morning and was able to turn it into a case study..

When i am working on a certain subject i always try to get very different images by using several viewpoints and lenses. In this case i used the Sigma 150mm F2.8 Macor lens and a Canon MPE-65mm F2.8 extreme Macro lens combined with the Canon MT 24 EX Twin Flash for some fill flash light (especially with the baclit images).
I love shooting backlit images but beware of flare and make sure you use a flash for some fill in light on your subject without loosing that all important rim of ligt on the subjects edges.

But also a plain "light in your back" situation can provide some interesting images. In that case try to render a uniform background by using the widest possible aperture in order to focus the attention on your subject without losing detail in the subject.