dinsdag 28 april 2009

Smoothy anyone..??

There are only three species of snakes in The Netherlands wich are the Adder, the Grass Snake and the Smooth Snake. The first two are well known by most people but the last one has a secretive way of living wich makes it very unknown and it it also the most scarce snake we have.

When i was out to look for Adders last week i was in a bad mood as i could not find any... The males had all gone to the moorland to look for females and in the moorland they are very hard to find. So on my way to a cup of coffee i suddenly stumbled across this wonderful brown snake.. At first i thought it was a female Adder but after closer inspection the circular pupils of it's eyes gave it away...oohhhh yess...it was a Smoothe Snake!

So here a a couple of shots from the encounter i had with this beauty..

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