dinsdag 31 maart 2009

Venomous Friends

Yesterday i went out to shoot Adders and boy did i have a great day! We where able to locate 5 of them throughout the day and had a blast photographing these venomous beauties.

The Adder is quite scarce over here and is considered a protective species. It is not easy to find them and by looking at their distinct back pattern i was able to spot them within their dense habitat. March is the best time to spot them as the males (wich all these are) will come out of their winter den to bask in the early morning sun. Later this month also the females will show them selfs but i will need a little patience before i can photograph these.

So..here's a small selection of the many shots i was able to make..

Most of these shots where taken with the Canon Mark III and Sigma 150mm F2.8 in combination with the G.I Twin or customized Tripple flash. I also made some Adder in habitat shots with the Sigma 17-35mm at 17mm.

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