zondag 8 maart 2009

The Extremist...Part II

Have not stopped experimenting with extreme macro set-ups yet..
But...one thing that bothered me all this time was that i was working with set-up's wich where as extreme as the subjects i was trying to photograph..

The length of some of these set-ups came close to my 600mm telelens and that does not work well in the field i can tell you...
So after some stacking lenses and converters and macro rings i found a Soligor 3x teleconverter hidden somewhere inside my camera bag. I have hardly used the converter as for tele work i prefer to use Canon's 2x converter or even stack the 1,4 TC and 2x TC.
But...for macro this thing came in handy so i coupled the Canon 1,4 TC, a 20mm or 36mm extension tube and the 3x TC with the Canon 28mm FD in reverse and that turned out to give me images of between 8:1 up to 10: 1 with a set-up wich was 17 cm and could easily be used in the field!

Here's a shot of the set-up as described above:

I have also tried to add some Hama diopters i had laying around and though the magnification was huge the diffraction was likewise and there was just too much glass on glass. I guess a solid diopter from Raynox or a Canon 500D might do the trick but i have to get my hands on one of those some day..

Here's what the above set-up gave me from a 3mm Jumping Spider...

Some more test with this set-up at 10:1 magnification using electricity wire and the tip of a ballpoint...

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