donderdag 5 februari 2009

Birds in flight photography

During my workshops i am often asked what the best way is to photograph birds in flight. Well...there are several ways actually. Ofcourse you can set your camera to shutterspeed priority and select all autofocus points, but what if there is a busy background and you wish to have control over the depth of field..?

I prefer to shoot birds in Aperture priority and select only the center auto focus point. Yes that's risky and difficult to keep that single point on the bird but with a little practise you will get the job done! It also makes sure that by using a lower F-number you maintain a cleaner background and faster shutterspeed.

Then there's allways the point of pushing stops in order to get enough light on the bird as too often we tend to underexpose as skies look bright, but then there is no detail left in the bird. So when shooting birds in flight make sure you over-expose one or two stops to get enough detail in.

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