woensdag 4 februari 2009

Raptor Workshop UK

A 'heads-up' for anyone wishing to master "birds in flight". The 4th & 5th of April 2009, I will be co-hosting raptor weekend in western Gloucester and Mid-Wales with wildlife photographer Elliott Neep.

Briefly, one day will be spent at the The Barn Owl Centre, capturing owls and buzzards in flight in controlled conditions. The wild habitat is superb and there are plenty of photogenic perches dotted around.

This will be followed by a day at a Red Kite Feeding Centre, where you'll put the previous day's 'skill lesson' into practice, photographing wild red kites, buzzards, and corvids. More details to follow, but places are strictly limited, so register your interest as soon as possible. For contact information or more details on this superb workshop please visit my www.jeroenstel.com website.

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