dinsdag 14 juli 2009

Nocturnal adventures

Or rather..."Athena noctua"...

My cousin Conrad (see his website at: www.conradpauw.nl) had recently been working on a Little Owl project and invited me to join him for an evening. This was just before the juveniles flew out of the nest so there was a lot of feeding activity going on.

Unfortunately....for me... (not for him that is..) my cousin went on a holiday and we just missed the actual flying out of the chicks. But yesterday he invited me over for another evening of Little Owl photography as there where still some chicks around. I was surprised that after more then 2 weeks the chicks where still in the area but when we arrived we had some good chances at photographing one of the chicks right away.

The rest of the evening was a little harder as the Owls did not show themselfs well and the temporary hide was a bit too small resulting in some ackward positioning all evening long..

In all i had a great time on both occassions and got home with a nice series of Little Owl images of wich i will share a few over here with you.

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