donderdag 16 juli 2009

The Extremist is back...

With the real thing this time...

Finally my new toys arrived being the Canon MP-E 65mm F2.8 Macro and the Canon MT 24 EX Twin Flash. A set of gear i have been dreaming of using ever since i started my many macro experiments years and years ago..

Ofcourse i can get similar or even more extreme results using the rversed lens technique but this is so much easier to work with and does not give me a headache from peeping through a 2mm small diafragm hole into a bright shiny LED light.

The other thing is that i can start at 1:1 and work my wy up to 5:1 or more using my macro extension rings or a converter.
I do feel that working 1:1 at 65mm is very hard as insects tend to run or fly of when you get that close so for the 1:1 stuff my Sigma 150mm F2.8 regular Macro lens will still be the best solution. For extreme macro however this is the set to use!

Handling the MT 24 EX Twin Flash is another thing as i found out and like most macro flashes it produces way too much light. Diffusion is the thing to do so in order to get accurate diffusion i now have made a set of semi transparent diffusers from an old film roll box wich seal of the flash heads and on top of that a pair of the trusted Gary Fong Puffer diffusers and this combi seems to give me the best results. One of the flash heads has also been modified by placing it higher using a Kaiser hot shoe adapter. That way i can avoid specular highlights as the flash heads are not at the same angle.

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