woensdag 30 januari 2013

Back to the UK Part II

Besides Grey Seals we also had a day of Red and Fallow Deer. It was not easy as we started out with a very misty day. Luckily later that day the skies cleared and the sun came out and the Red Deer where easily found. Here are some of the results from the second day of the Red Deer and Grey Seals workshop.
The Red Deer where very cooperative as usual and the setting of tall yellow grass and red dried up ferns was majestic as always...
Interested in joining me on next years Red Deer and Grey Seal workshop...? You can find more information about this workshop on the website here: http://www.jeroenstel.com/#/2/Grey%20Seal%20Workshop Hope to see you on next years workshop!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. These are some amazing photos that really capture what life is like in the wild. I could totally see pictures like this being great wildlife decor. Thanks so much for sharing these, they are amazing!



  2. I agree with you. Thank you for sharing the update. It is interesting to have it discussed widely, so that we can gain more objective opinions.
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