woensdag 25 april 2012

Spring has finally arrived...

Though while i am writing this topic it is raining outside i can truely say that Spring has finally arrived again.. One of the first species i tend to look for during Spring is the Common Moorfrog. Not that it is such a rare sight or anything but during March there are around 5-10 days when the males turn as blue as the Smurfs...!! It is always hard to predict when this will occur and over the past few years i have been missing this event quite a few times. This year however i was on a mission as i am working on a new book wich should come out early Spring 2013 and the blue Moor Frogs where on my wishlist for the book so here's some shots i took that day:
Another tell tale sign of Spring are the boxing Brown Hares wich run around our fields this time of year and are a pleasant attraction to us wildlife photographers:
I love the sound of Black-tailed Godwits returning to our country or the courtship song of a Bluethroat whilst displaying in the top of a Bullrush. The first rays of soft light that appear when out to look for these lovely birds are what make my day. Here are some images from the past few weeks when i was working on several species of wading birds and Bluethroaths.
And as promised some recent Bluethroats photographed whilst out on a 1:1 workshop on this beautiful little bird:

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