zondag 10 januari 2010

Wildlife of the Peaks Workshops

I have mentioned a co-operation with UK based nature photographer Craig Jones before and we have now set up diverse workshops together starting February next called "Wildlife of the Peaks". For more information on Craig Jones see: http://www.craigjoneswildlifephotography.co.uk/blog/
These will be a 3 day workshops which i will co-host with Craig and he will take us to some of the best possible locations in the English Peak District.

The heaths and moors of the peak district are an eerie exposure of peat covered moorland sitting about 600m (2000 ft) above sea level. Large wind carved eroded rocks sit among vast plateaus and rock formations supporting a healthy population of Red Grouse. These iconic moorland birds make their home on these moors and are reliant on their camouflaged plumage to blend in to this habitat. They feed on the tender shoots of the heather that cover the majority of the moorland, and at certain times of the year the heather forms a pink blanket of colour. These 3 day workshops will run all year and we will take you to those places Craig has found over time, to be some of the best places to see and photograph diverse beautiful birds such as Red Grouse, Dipper, Barn Owl but besides birds there will also be a possibility to photograph Snow Hares.

If you are interested in joining us on this special workshop you can get more information by e-mailing me at: info@jeroenstel.com

Additional Information

The weather in the Peak District is a mixture of mist, fog, rain and sunshine, and during winter month’s also snow, so appropriate waterproof clothing is necessary. A little walking will be involved so walking boots are also needed. Water proof housing and lens covers are a must as rain can be upon you in minutes.
Recommended Kit

You will need to provide your own photographic equipment, a 500mm lens is ideal but a 300mm with convertors should meet your needs A tripod is also essential. The landscape of the Peak District will present you with many opportunities so if you have a wide angle lens then this would also give you a chance to capture some beautiful landscape images.

All images by Craig Jones wildlife photography

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