vrijdag 20 november 2009

Grey Seals and Red Deer Workshop

Just one week after the France workshop i had a workshop Grey Seals and Red Deer planned in the UK. So we went out to the beach on the first day to photograph the Grey Seals and we had some bright and sunny weather so that was good! The Grey Seals where present and some allready gave birth to young so everything worked out well..

We had a blast at the beach and i finally met up with my friend Craig Jones and his wife Vanessa. I did not photograph as many Seals as last year as i was chatting away with Craig for too long..(not your fault mate..:)-..)But i had a wonderful day with good company and lovely weather and opportunities. The Grey Seals where working along and so was everything else..

The next day it was time for the Red Deer and Craig joined us for the day and so we where at the reserve at dawn to get some Red Deer images. It was a bit cloudy but later on the sun came out and we had another perfect day with cooperative subjects.

We set out on foot and the Red Deer where a bit cautious as always and so we decided to split up in 2 groups to enhance our chances and that worked out well for both parties. There was still a bit of rut activity as i had hoped for so that made everything just a tad more exciting.

Later that day my group discovered some male Red Deer hiding within the bracken and that gave us some chances of getting really close to the Deer.

As said there was still some rut activity amongst the males and so i was able to get some shots of fighting Red Deer.

In the afternoon we decided to join Craig who has a very interesting place to photograph Dippers wich where high on our wishlist so we where glad to got a chance at them.It was a tad crowded at the Dipper site due to loads of people walking their dogs or being out on a sunday afternoon walk so i did not manage to get the type of shots i was after but i guess i will get another chance at them later on..Thanks again Craig for your help and we had a great day!

Here's a shot of the exhausted team after 2 days of hard work on the beach, in the forest and near the stream in the background...

For those of you who might be interested in a workshop like this one or with another theme feel free to contact me for more information: info@jeroenstel.com or have a look at the workshop page on my website: http://www.jeroenstel.com/Workshops%20Diverse-JSWF.html
In December i will go another time and let's hope weather and the animals will treat us kindly once more...Here are some more images from the trip..

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