woensdag 14 oktober 2009

Silver Y Moth Study

I have not been out much lately due to preperation of workshops and personal stuff. Today the light was stunning and i would have liked to go out but as it is "daddy-day" i was bound to our backyard. That is not a punishment as one can always find interesting subjects close to home. And so i did when i found this Siver Y Moth this morning and was able to turn it into a case study..

When i am working on a certain subject i always try to get very different images by using several viewpoints and lenses. In this case i used the Sigma 150mm F2.8 Macor lens and a Canon MPE-65mm F2.8 extreme Macro lens combined with the Canon MT 24 EX Twin Flash for some fill flash light (especially with the baclit images).
I love shooting backlit images but beware of flare and make sure you use a flash for some fill in light on your subject without loosing that all important rim of ligt on the subjects edges.

But also a plain "light in your back" situation can provide some interesting images. In that case try to render a uniform background by using the widest possible aperture in order to focus the attention on your subject without losing detail in the subject.

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